Tiny Deaths

illustrations Camila Araos-Elevancini – singledaddrawings

Tiny Deaths is a beautiful and odd evening of love stories, all as dark as dark chocolate.

designer notes

ONE | The girl who loved a gnome.

TWO | The lady so obsessed with stationary she would kill for it, or worse, love for it.

THREE | The girl who is a bomb.

FOUR | The girl who loves a squid.

FIVE | The girl who got negative feedback on Trade Me.

SIX | The girl who’d die for her tapeworm.

SEVEN | The moments of falling in love.

EIGHT | The sarcastic wedding speech for the perfect couple.

NINE | The woman who lists her regrets.

TEN | The woman who fights for women.

ELEVEN | The woman who walks through the gallery, and sees that each painting is each of us.

tiny deaths mood

‘With a seemingly Tim Burton-inspired aesthetic, Christine Urquhart’s production design immediately establishes the quirky horror of the play, from the artificial grass set to the gothic costume touches. The unconventional staging around the audience also works remarkably well to bring the show together, displaying each performer like a series of pieces in an art gallery.’

– Nathan Joe, The Lumiere Reader

Perched on Christine Urquhart’s elevated AstroTurf stage, ten performers surround the Basement studio audience. While some appear more conventionally clothed than others, all have an essence of absurdity hidden behind their black eyes. Lighting by Marshall Bull allows for both performers and audience to disappear into the privacy of the shadows as the focus draws towards each monologist, an atmosphere that is at once personal and collective. These design components provide enough unity to carry each monologue to the next, but it is up the performers to hold our interest.’

– Matt Baker, Theatrescenes

direction Sam Brooks
writer Uther Dean
lighting designer Marshall Bull
venue Basement Theatre