The Wholehearted • Massive Company

Stage and costume designer for Massive company’s new devised piece. 

Open yourself to The Wholehearted.

A mystical heart-healer uncovers a world of characters all searching for a wholehearted life. The broken-hearted through to the eternally optimistic tell stories of devotion, love lost & found and the Tinderverse. A physically charged exploration of vulnerability and the Superhero-inspired moments of our inner lives.

design provocation and artist influences

‘In nature we find patterns, designs and structures from the miniscle particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. There inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in it’s myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created’ – Sacred Geometry

Chiharu Shiota Dialogue from DNA | Jan Vormann DispatchworkKate Mcintosh Worktable | Paulo Goldstein Repair is Beautiful | Anish Kapoor Descension | The Museum of Broken Relationships


images of the cast ‘making their own heart’ with materials in the design

Provo Provocation

direction Sam Scott & Scotty Cotter
lighting design Jane Hakaraia
sound design Drew McMillan
produced by Massive Company
venue Mangere Arts Centre & Q Theatre, Auckland

photography Andi Crown