Potatostamp Megalomaniac • Pressure Point Theatre

Stage Designer for the remounted season of Pressure Point Theatre’s show ‘Potatostamp Megalomaniac.’

‘It’s 4 a.m. Andrew is still carving potato stamps. 

He’s tied his flatmate’s groceries from the ceiling. He’s started giving away their belongings. He’s got a sense he is becoming a 21st-century-prophet, which makes getting essays in on time difficult, to say the least. This is the playful remembering of a manic episode.

Join Andrew for an adventure into the bright light that will consume us all!’

design provocation

‘Information from one neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse contains a small gap separating neurons. The synapse consists of: a presynaptic ending that contains neurotransmitters, mitochondria and other cell organelles.’

By placing the audience in long traverse, watching Andrew Journey along the space is exhausting and enthralling. At one end is reality – the flat he occupies – disjointed and raked staging make him appear nomadic as he journeys up and down. At the other is the crazed workstation where he attempts to formulate the ultimate language. Central is a pit of soil where he experiences insomnia, digs out artefacts and of course – potatoes. Andrew fires across the space like a synapse.

A synthesizer created from potatoes sits in the corner, an OHP is wheeled around the space, soil slowly dirties the entire space as he goes deep down the rabbit hole.

Audience partake in the final ritual ad follow Andrew outside, to place their potatoes underneath Yggdrasil.

concept | performance Andrew Gunn
dramaturgy Nisha Madhan & Stella Reid
sound design Tom Dennison
venue Basement Theatre