Pigs On The Run

‘Three pigs, Pua, Aka and Popo, are an emerging rock band who have been thrown out of home by their Mum, Sabrina, for making too much noise and not doing the dishes. They set off on tour for the big adventure to be discovered as rock stars and to find a place to live. Will their dream home be straw or sticks or bricks? Mr Wolf has other ideas. In the meantime, Mum sets off on a quest for love and meets a few wolves along the way. What could possibly go wrong?’

design provocation and artist influences

Claire Ashley  sculptures & objects | Shift Architecture Urbanism  CMY Pavillion | Light Show curated exhibition @ Auckland Art Gallery


audience thoughts

‘Visually attractive, practical and supported by Christine Urquhart’s easy access, minimalist set, they allow for maximum movement and a high degree of pictorial pleasure.’

– Lexie Matheson, Theatreview

direction Troy Tu’ua and Alison Quigan
musical direction Nastassia Wolfgramm
lighting design  Andrew Potvin
costume design Sarah Burren
venue Mangere Arts Centre | Nga Tohu o Uenuku