LANGUAGE • Feature Film • Multilingual adaption of ‘King Lear’

Production designer for feature film.

Language is one of a kind multilingual film adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. In this unprecedented cinematic experiment, each character speaks in one of 14 different languages. While the characters are able to understand each other without the help of the translator, they are often unable to treat one another with respect and dignity.

The film invites much needed and relevant discussion on the topic of diversity in our increasingly global society. This new adaptation of King Lear makes a statement about the dynamics of hierarchy around the world and including here in Canada. In this world, as in our society, the multicultural arrangement appears to be working smoothly. However, upon closer examination, the society is dominated by the whims of the colonial, patriarchal oligarchy who wield all the power. This society is not as functional as it appears, and this dysfunction threatens to tear it apart at the seams. The societal harmony, like the love from Lear’s two eldest children, is merely an illusion.

Universal Grammar

Thematically, this piece will also touch on the work of Noam Chomsky, specifically his “Universal Grammar” theory. According to this theory, our brains contain a predefined system that is the basis for the acquisition of all language.  The human brain can be regarded as a kind of programmed machine ready to be configured.

Due for release in 2018.

director Elizabeth Lazebnik
cinematography Mikhail Petrenko
sound Joshua Hemming
costume design Nola Chaters
SFX Karlee Morse
assistant Lin Lay
venue abandoned (ish) warehouse