Iphegenia and The Furies (On Taurian Land) • Saga Collectif

Set & Costume Designer.

Saved from death by the goddess Artemis, Iphigenia is now a priestess on Taurian land – slaughtering any foreigners that arrive – assisted by a disgruntled Chorus. Two strangers, pursued by the Furies, stumble upon her temple, claiming to be her long lost brother Orestes and his gawgeous lover Pylades. Iphigenia is forced to make an impossible choice: flee with the newcomers or stay true to her sacred mission.

Containing Aristotle’s favourite recognition scene, this play asks: When violence is your family inheritance, how do you break the cycle?

But wait.
I think the Furies might have something to say about all this…

Director Jonathon Seinen

Writer Jeff Ho

Sound Designer/Musician Heidi Chan

Lighting Designer Jareth Li

Company Saga Collectif

Cast Virgilia Griffith, Augusto Bitter, Thomas Olajide, PJ Prudat.

Venue Native Earth Performing Arts

Photographer Dahlia Katz.