I Call Myself Princess • Cahoots Theatre

Set Designer.

When William, a modern-day Métis music student, is handed a 1918 opera about Creek/Cherokee Mezzo Soprano Tsianina Redfeather, he learns more than just an aria as he begins to unravel the complex circumstances faced by Indigenous performers past and present. Seen and Unseen worlds collide as Tsianina appears to William, the two learning from each other as he makes a decision about his future as an artist. Combining humour, biography, and contemporary opera, this interdisciplinary work explores the tension between representation, inspiration and cultural appropriation.

Playwright Jani Lauzon

Director Marjorie Chan
Associate Director Keith Barker
Costume Designer Snezana Pesic
Lighting Designer Kaitlin Hickey
Musical Direction & Composition Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate
Sound Designer Marc Meriläinen
Venue AKi Studio, Native Earth Performing Arts Centre, Toronto.