Grimly Handsome

Set & Costume Designer

“Last night I woke up and found that I was not at home. And I was not wearing my own clothes. And then I wasn’t sure. Maybe they were my clothes, and I was someone else.”

In an unnamed American city, two strangers sell Christmas trees on the sidewalk; two cops work to solve a killing spree; and a young woman finds herself transforming in ways she could never have imagined.

A darkly comic thriller exploring the margins of a city and the violent fantasies they inspire.

Obie Award Winner: Best New American Play (2013)

‘If solving a crime, or watching a play, is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, Grimly Handsome is a puzzle where the picture on the box keeps shifting. The final part of the triptych is, therefore, one of the more surprising culminations of theme, story, performance and design (by Christine Urquhart) that layers all of these characters on top of each other. And it’s satisfying too, if the emotional distance of the rest of the play hasn’t already turned you off…And Turvey succeeds at creating a Lynchian atmosphere and rhythm to the collection of scenes, with echoes of Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive reverberating in Sportelli’s and Addison’s music, Urquhart’s design and Mikael Kangas’s lighting — not to mention Alesh and Gregor’s obsession with coffee.’

Carly Maga, The Star

‘Director Jay Turvey isn’t going for naturalism here; there’s something artificial about Christine Urquhart’s cramped set and colourful costumes, and Mikael Kangas’s lighting design seems intentionally harsh. One of the most effective elements is the score by Paul Sportelli and John-Luke Addison, which becomes more sinister as the show progresses.’

Glenn Sumi, Now 

Director Jay Turvey
Set & Costume Designer Christine Urquhart
Lighting Designer Mikael Kangas
Sound Designers Paul Sportelli and John-Luke Addison
Venue Assembly Theatre, Toronto

Cast Jeff Irving, Ben Sanders, Julia Course

Photographer John Gundy