Call Of The Sparrows • Proudly Asian Theatre

Stage Designer, Masks and Puppet Maker.

‘In a tiny mountain village beyond the reach of clouds, gossip is the currency and tradition is everything.

Little Sparrow arrives to find a world driven by superstition and dark histories. To survive crooked peddlers, invisible spirits and a mother-in-law with a hidden agenda, she’s got to learn to fly with the flock.

But the more Little Sparrow grasps her role in the game, the more everything tips out of balance into a terrifying new direction.

Caught in the middle of an uprising where tradition is being burnt to the ground, Little Sparrow is forced to make a choice that will change the future of the village forever.’

design provocations and artistic influences (to be updated)


director James Roche
writer Chye – Ling Huang
lighting design Jana Hakaria
costume design Micheal Mccabe
props and masks assistant Catherine Ellis
venue Herald Theatre
produced by The Oryza Foundation and Proudly Asian Theatre