The 21st Narcissus

Three girls form a bond through their mutual love of a #popstar on Twitter. A boy and a girl accidentally meet on Facebook and form a friendship. On Tumblr, a boy with an infatuation for Greek myths and cats, uploads pictures of himself. In the 21st Narcissus, friendship exists between screens.

The 21st Narcissus is about learning to #loveyourself. The 21st Narcissus is about us.

designer notes

21st mood

audience thoughts

‘It’s more than that, of course, because there are also fabulous costumes (Fraser Mildon), some fantastic digital images (Stephen Bain) and a delightfully evocative set (Christine Urquhart) that consists of a wide, white, frequently backlit cyclorama (Jack Dryden), three Perspex swings suspended from screens and a single rectangular mirrored cube centre stage. It’s clean, exact, attractive, and provides a wonderful milieu for the playing out of the action of the play.’

– Lexie Matheson, Theatreview

‘The swing seats that these three are restricted to, are part of the aesthetically pleasing set design of the show, created by Christine Urquhart with Sarah Kirk, Shiloh Dobie and Lizzie Morris. They hang in front of a white backdrop, and below are three white panels, shadowing various cords and coils. These features look amazing upon arrival.’

– Rebekah Philson, whatsgoodblog

‘Set designers Sarah Kirk, Shiloh Dobie, and Lizzie Morris, under the mentorship of Christine Urquhart, provide a sleek set for the artificial world ofNarcissus, and a DIY raise for 7500, tying them together with visible wiring under artificially lit ceiling panels, and while sightlines for Stephen Bain’s AV Design proved problematic in Narcissus, the issue is simply another tool for 7500 to use to their comedic advantage.’

– Matt Baker, Theatre Scenes

writer Sam Brooks
direction Anapela Polataivao
set design assistants Sarah Kirk, Shiloh Dobie, Lizzie Morris
costume Fraser Mildon w/ Tori Manley, Melissa Peacock, Francesca Wilson
AV Stephen Bain
light Rachel Marlow w/ Jack Dryden, Liam McDonald-Lurch
sound Thomas Press w/ Oswell Didsbury
production Jamie Johnstone w/ Peter May
venue Basement Theatre