Christine is from Britain originally and has designed in Wales and London (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria) Brisbane and Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Toronto (Canada) and is currently in Glasgow, Scotland. 

She is a perpetual and critical interrogator of what it means to create performance as a visual maker. She is strongly influenced by her differing cultural experiences from her career as a travelling designer and a vivid advocate for Stage Design as an art form and the integration of design in any given process.  She uses design as a Brechtian Verfremdungseffekt – as a provocation to the makers and performers of the work, either directly from the piece or an external thesis, using spatial and concept driven investigation. 

See more in these two lovely little films snippets created by  Tashi Hope and Yamin Tun (as part of Auckland Diversity Project Fund) documenting my time designing for Proudly Asian Theatre and Massive Company.